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I cannot find the keys of my car. Can I still use your services?

Of course! All we need is your approval and our skillful drivers will take care of this problem.

It has been years since I left my car on the street. It may not move, can I still use your services?

Yes! We’ve seen all kinds of cars and, trust us, it cannot be that bad, we will collect it even though it will take a little longer. We haven’t met the uncollectable car yet!

Do I need to bring my car in one piece?

No. We accept incomplete cars. All we need to know is the condition of your car so that we can allocate it to the right category.

There is tons of rubbish in my car. Do you still collect it?

Our advice is to empty the car before sending it to scrap. We accept cars that contain rubbish, but we will pay a lower price.

Do you collect cars that are full of scrap metal?

Yes, there is no problem. We love scrap metal. :) Please make sure you communicate this prior to collection. This will not change the price of the vehicle.

Do you provide shell removal services?

Yes, but this will affect the value of the car. The best way to find out more about this is to inform us and we will provide more information.

It’s weekend. Do you still collect?

Yes, we work during weekends, or late in the evenings, when you finish work.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of the UAE

I have a large vehicle. Can you scrap it?

Yes, we can handle big vehicles (Vans, Lorries, you name it) as well as small cars. Don’t forget to mention if your car is large prior to collection.

When can I call?

Yes, our phone lines are open from 9am -10pm, Sunday to Thursday. You can also reach us via email. We promise to answer quickly!

How long should I wait for you to collect?

We usually collect in the same day you placed the order. But there are times when we are busy. We normally tell our customers that we will collect within 48 hours.

Do you need me during collection?

No, if you give us the keys and documentation, we can do the “dirty” job.

Customer Testmonial

I highly recommend them to anyone. They took away my junk car in no time, very professional and quick service. Got a fair price too, now I have extra space at my garage thanks to

Abdul Razik

Never thought scrapping this damaged car is this easy. Just one call and they took care of everything. Thank you guys.. I’ll definitely pass the word around about your service.

Daniel Peterson

Just scrapped my old sunny car for an amount I was never even thought of. Fast & Easy service. Very pleased with the way they handled my case. 5 star job.

Kundan Puri